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People - Relationships - Choices

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Download your free card game about Character, Challenges and Choices. Be a CharacterYAQoligist and YAQ about how character can reframe your platonic and romantic relationships, challenges and choices in this crazy VUCA world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

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Creating joyful and sustainable character-based relationships among individuals, couples, families, communities, and workplaces.


Creativity with excellence.

Joyfulness with love and friendliness.

Truthfulness with reflection and integrity.

Service with humility and compassion.

Unity with respect and justice.

Nobility with self-respect and personal transformation.

Purposeful with meaningful and positive outcomes.


Character is the sum of positive qualities you develop as strengths, such as truthfulness, patience, courage, compassion, responsibility--your moral compass and ethical strength.

In our challenging world, many seemed to have lost track of the important facet of character and its contribution to excellent relationships:

  • Most people don’t consciously and proactively develop their own characters.

  • Choices and decisions are not being made with character as a key driving factor in relationships or in all areas of society.

  • Relationships are often difficult and painful instead of connected and constructive.

  • People lack knowledge and skill in observing and applying character qualities to build excellent relationships.


Research Goals

Understand different methods of how character can be developed.

Understand the dynamics and benefits of integrating diverse character qualities or virtues.

Understand the integration and dynamics of healthy relationships and character development in the home, workplace, or community.

CharacterYAQ framework. See definitions.

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Origin Story

A relationship and marriage educator/coach, an industrial/organizational psychologist, and a innovator/entrepreneur met...

It started as an online premarital counseling opportunity...

Turned into online relationship dating site opportunity...

Morphed into a card game...

Currently a card-based gaming platform for mass customization...

Creating a blended learning experience to make your world a better place.


[verb or noun; pron: yaak]

Integrating people, relationships, and choices.

YAQ could also mean whatever rocks your world...

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Between the Tibetan Yak and the yakking of persistent chatter, we hope that YAQ makes life better for you, your friends, your tribe or community, and the institutions you want to change.

And if you want to put a some character into your YAQ or your friend's, partner's, co-worker's, or employee's YAQ--well here we are!

Character-Based Services

Romantic Relationships:

Transforming the lives and relationships of individuals and couples through various character-based learning experiences at and

Organizational Effectiveness:

Building the foundation of character in leaders and in the workplace at 

Human Innovation:

Innovating whole capital by integrating financial, human, intellectual, social, and soulful impact capital at

Founding YAQoligists

Susanne M. Alexander is a Relationship and Marriage Educator and Coach, character specialist, and author with Marriage Transformation,; She is Department Chair for the Wilmette Institute relationships, marriage, parenting, and family online courses. 

W. Grant Peirce IV is an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist with 25 years of experience helping individuals and organizations assess and develop their characters and consciously decide to achieve true and sustainable success. He can found at

Johann S. Wong, CFA is an innovator and entrepreneur focused on advancing prosperity by fostering cultures of sustainable innovation and character. He does this through integrating financial, human, intellectual, social, and soulful impact capital with clients and partners. He can be found at

YAQolgists - Grant, Susanne and Johann at our first Metatopia 2017 Independent Game Design Conference.