A Yaqologist’s Guide to Easy YAQING

YAQ, v, (YAQed, YAQing, YAQs), verb – to engage in elevated or important conversations.

Elevated Conversation, noun – Conversations that genuinely captivate people in a topic of interest and importance. They often include a discussion about how character qualities affect action.

Character (Personal), noun – the inner collection of positive qualities we develop throughout our lives that guide our choices about how to think, speak, and act in beneficial ways.

CharacterYAQ, noun, verb – YAQs (conversations) that are infused with people demonstrating personal character qualities. Mostly used in relationships of all types, such as business, friendships, family, community, relationship partner and the behavior of individuals.

YAQologist, noun – A person dedicated to promoting YAQing in all discourse and the betterment of individual lives, family dynamics, community well-being, organizational effectiveness, and civilizational functioning.

Character Yaqology, noun – The study of how character qualities and personal character affect individuals, relationships of all types, families, communities, organizations, and society.

Integrity, noun – A set of character qualities that allow one to be honest and have upright character.

Virtues, noun – A commonly misunderstood term that has many meanings to many people.  Our preference is to use the term “character quality”. See above.

A Yaqologist guide to more challenging YAQING

Ethics, noun – (1) A set of principles that gives someone a basis for making positive choices.  (2) A set of rules and regulations, written or unwritten, that govern the behavior of a collection of individuals or institutions.

Morals, noun –A set of personal beliefs that sets the standard of the correctness on one’s behavior.

Personality Traits, noun – A collection of stable psychological constructs, often described as a continuum between opposing characteristics, that contribute to an individual’s distinctness. Examples of personality traits are: Conscientiousness, Extraversion/Introversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism, and Openness to Experience.

Principles, noun – A perceived fundamental truth that that serves as the foundation for a system of belief, behavior or chain of reasoning.  

Strengths, noun – Those character qualities an individual has developed to the point where enable them to behave in ways that positively affect other individuals, communities, and organizations.

Values, noun – Beliefs, principles, morals, ethics, and codes of conduct that an individual believes are important and acts as the standard from which they judge their behavior and the behavior of others.

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